About us

Financial Expert Company was founded in 2006 as an alternative to a corporate gathering of financial intermediaries.

The total financial independence Financial Expert as well as the lack of capital ties with any financial institution is an indispensable element of objective selection searching for the best solutions for our customers.

Our team of financial experts has a European certificate of a financial advisor, and Financial Expert accredited and exclusivity of the European Academy of Financial Planning in the four provinces of northern Polish to conduct training in the above range. With the acquired skills and regular tracking of global financial markets, our experts will prepare an individual, long-term financial plans.

Financial Expert also has a team of independent and experienced experts in the field of economics and technical offering a wide range of specialized services for the micro, small, medium and large businesses, public sector and private customers.

After the Polish accession to the European Union sector of small and medium-sized enterprises gained the ability to accelerate development through the use of non-refundable foreign funds Financial Expert since 2008, attracted to its customers the amount of 30 million dollars.

In 2011, the Financial Expert was the winner of the first place in the category of "micro-enterprises" in the Pomeranian Competition "Company of the Future" organized by the Pomeranian Chamber of Craft Small and Medium Enterprises.