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Everyone has a purpose, a dream that would like to happen. Most often they are associated with the collection of significant capital. Assembly measures require time and regularity in saving. Austerity programs are the perfect solution for all those who through long-term savings they want to achieve the desired goal, realize their dreams. We are here to help you choose the optimal solution from a number of options available, tailored to your individual needs and abilities.

Regular saving
among other things can provide

  • Raising capital, which will cover the costs involved in their children's education
  • Raising capital for children a better start in life
  • Build savings for the future retirement
  • The implementation of individual plans

Benefits which the have austerity programs

  • The ability to change the amount and frequency of payments
  • The ability to change the investment portfolio at any time
  • Easy and secure access to a savings account online
  • The possibility of a temporary suspension of regular payments
  • The possibility of the payment of the accrued capital
  • No inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Deferred income tax at the time of
  • The accumulated capital in ¾ of free legal activities.

Our financial experts can assist with

  • Individual approach to your financial needs
  • The selection of an appropriate savings program, according to your plans and financial capacity
  • Explanations of what is and how it works, the austerity program
  • Selection of the investment portfolio in accordance with accepted by your investment risk, taking into account the time horizon and investment objective
  • Supervision over the contract.