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When you have a family, the greatest value is to provide the best possible living conditions. It may happen that unforeseen accidents lead to a situation in which the commitment to the family is no longer fulfilled. Consider the fact that the level of family life decreases dramatically when it runs out of the main breadwinner.

Benefit paid fro life insurance in case of death of the insured may be for his family

  • Compensation for loss of income
  • Funds for the repayment of loans
  • Securing the future of education and being of children
  • The form of financial security
  • Appropriations to cover the cost of probate and tax.

Life insurance can also include a number of additional options that provide benefits as a result of other accidents, such as

  • Insurance against permanent disability
  • Insurance contribution
  • Insurance against disability
  • Insurance of critical illness
  • hospital insurance

Legal and tax benefits arising from the legal form of an insurance policy

  • Provision shall be paid to the designated persons - from testamentary
  • No benefit shall be subject to inheritance
  • The provision is not liable to inheritance tax and gift tax
  • The benefit of three quarters is free of any legal activities.

Our financial experts can help in the

  • Financial analysis - in terms of insurance needs
  • Determination of the sum insured
  • Selection of appropriate insurance - in line with the needs
  • The preparation of simulation Insurance
  • Help with in the conclusion of the contract.