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Group insurance offered to businesses and institutions that want to provide their employees and their families insurance coverage.

The contract of insurance provides the insured worker and his family, the death benefit and the event caused by an accident or illness. Insurance coverage is provided around the clock.

Benefits for Employers

  • Premiums paid by the Employer may be included in expenses
  • Financing of insurance premiums by the Employer, is exempted from the obligation to pay death benefits
  • Group insurance can be a component of the incentive and loyalty for Employees
  • Employers will raise the profile of the labor market.

Employee Benefits

  • Insurance provides a benefit in the event of the occurrence of random events such as:
    • The loss of an immediate family member
    • Insured accident
    • The sudden illness of the insured
    • Death of Insured Employee
  • Insurance benefit is paid even if the child's birth
  • In case of death of employee, the benefit is paid to the person named in the policy by the insured as a beneficiary
  • Insurance benefit paid is exempt from income tax and inheritance tax and gift tax

Our financial experts can help in the

  • Arrangements with Employer criteria for choosing the appropriate insurance
  • Adjustments of contract to the individual needs and requirements of both employers and employees
  • The preparation of simulation Insurance
  • Help with in the conclusion of the contract