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In order to best manage public funds, the maximum effectiveness in acquiring foreign resources and to build relationships with business and academia public sector entities resort to modern tools. Construction of an ambitious action plan requires a dynamic steps of:

Protecting the environment

  • implementation of new technological solutions to reduce harmful emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere
  • introduction of energy-efficient technology solutions preceded by an appropriate analysis

Health care

  • design, financing of investments
  • preparation of feasibility study

Educational and parenting

  • educational programs
  • funding educational programs
  • design, technology, preparation of feasibility study and other

Physical education

  • recreational areas
  • sports facilities
  • active recreation parks
  • equipment of sports and recreational
  • design, financing, preparation of feasibility study

Shaping public space

  • planning, design, landscape architecture
  • financing of investments
  • preparation of feasibility study

Communal facilities and utilities, and administrative facilities

  • funding
  • technology, the modernization of public facilities
  • preparation of a feasibility study of the project and other

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