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In today's world, loans are an indispensable part of most of the major decisions in the life of each of us, such as the purchase of an apartment or a car, which affect the whole of our later life. So let's take care of selecting the most appropriate solutions for you.

To meet market requirements we offer the following forms of credit

  • mortgage
  • mortgage Loan
  • consolidation Loan
  • refinancing

Our loan experts can assist with

  • The calculation of credit
  • The selection of the most favorable loan from your current bank offers
  • Assembly required documents
  • Filling the documents
  • Negotiation of credit - margins and commissions
  • Supervision over the proper credit process

The loan granted by the FINANCIAL EXPERT is

  • Choosing the best home loan offer from among the 20 banks
  • The credit is granted in any currency: PLN, EUR, CHF, USD, NOK
  • The maximum term of the loan, up to 50 years
  • The loan of up to 100% of property value + repair!